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June update

River flows have been very fishable for over a month now. The fish are well post-spawn and feeding actively all over the river, and the fishing has really been excellent, with even new anglers getting the opportunity to fight and land good numbers of fish.

There is still enough water in the river for the major backwaters and flats to be fishable, and many banks are also fishing well. The carp on backwaters are largely congregated under vegetation, requiring extreme stealth and precision for effective presentations (fortunately, I've got you on the stealth part). Fish feeding along or near the banks are often the best targets, and finding them in the right depth of water is key.

The cottonwood seeds have good numbers of fish grouped up in downed trees where the seeds accumulate, and a well placed dry will get their attention, adding a delicate topwater element to the season (followed by quite the fight to keep the fish out of the trees).

I am promoting single-person trips this season due to the coronavirus pandemic. These trips allow nice distance between us, and really limit contact, while still allowing us to have a great day on the water.

Whether you're new to fly fishing, new to carp, or know the carp game but just want to see what it's like, we're sure to have a good day. So give me a call or send me an email to put a day on the books! (

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