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Luke Annear - Owner/Guide

About Freshwater Flats


Freshwater Flats Guide Service LLC is a fly-fishing guide service operating primarily in southeastern Wisconsin, and specializes in fly fishing for carp. Luke founded Freshwater Flats early in 2020 after spending several seasons learning to target carp from a boat, and 2023 is now his fourth season operating the business.

Luke has targeted carp all over the United States, and prizes southern Wisconsin for is relatively long carp season and its day-in-and-day-out consistency - rarely needing to cancel due to conditions. 

Alongside Dan Frasier and Larry Dostal, Luke hosts The Carp Conversations, a program dedicated to talking carp on the fly.

Together with the American Carp Society, Freshwater Flats works to promote carp as a sport fish in the United States.



Guiding for what many consider to be an invasive species takes us surprisingly deep into the often ignored world of native rough fish species. Amidst the stunning beauty of southern Wisconsin's wetlands, fly fishing for carp puts you up close and personal with native fish species such as Bigmouth Buffalo and Bowfin, and myriad wading and shore-bird species, as well as the rare Black Tern. It takes little time in these ecosystems to recognize their importance.

Freshwater Flats supports the conservation efforts of the Wisconsin Wetland Association, which is dedicated to the protection and restoration of Wisconsin's wetlands.

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