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Guided fly fishing trips for carp in southern Wisconsin

The Freshwater Flats carp season is in full swing from May to mid-September. In the late spring and early summer, higher flows allow access to flats, backwaters, and secret gardens that we can only get to in higher water. This early summer period is also when the biggest fish of the season tend to be caught.

June brings on one of the best parts of the summer - mulberry season - which lasts for the better part of two months. During this time, carp come up to the surface to eat mulberry imitations. Never caught a catfish on the fly? This is also the time to do that.

During the later part of summer, we'll row or pole through skinny water, fishing to carp that are cruising the banks, tailing on silt ledges, feeding on flats, or in downed trees. This late summer period is the best time to improve your skills at sight-casting to fish in low water - it's one of my favorite times of the year!
The fishing remains good through most of September, with flows typically coming back up sometime in August, often allowing an exceptional late-summer backwater season.


All trips are comfortably run out of either a Towee skiff, or a Boulder Boatworks driftboat (see the Gallery for images).

I offer full-day, three-quarter, and half-day trips. All trips include: full rod set up (if needed), beverages and snacks, and flies, leaders, and tippet. Full and three-quarter day trips also include a lunch. Make sure to tell me about any dietary restrictions you might have. A $75 deposit secures your booking.

Group trips are also possible, but inquire well ahead of time to ensure availability!

When is the best time to book a trip? The fishing is great all summer, but you can't go wrong in June and July.


Questions? Send me an email:

Full day trips

Have the whole boat to yourself or fish with a buddy, your significant other, or someone you just really want to spend time with. The Full-Day trip gets you the most time on the water. For the experienced carp angler this means more time doing what you love. If you're new to carp fishing, a full day gives you the most time to calibrate and learn the intricacies of fishing for carp.

Includes beverages, snacks, and lunch.

2024 pricing


Multiple days

Interested in doing several days in a row? Take advantage of multi-day pricing.

2024 pricing


Six-hour trips

The 6-hour trip is perfect if you're driving 1-2 hours and wanting to be home by a reasonable time. Fish most of the day and still be ready to go to work the next day. Includes beverages, snacks, and lunch.

2024 pricing


Half-day trips

Wanting to sneak in a morning or afternoon of fishing? All the same features of a full day trip, except lunch. Snacks and beverages will be provided.

2024 pricing


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